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The Mimic Chapter 3 Code – Read All Details Inside Here!

Check out the below post and understand about the new launch in a renowned online game.

Are you likewise a follower of online video games? If yes, after that you should be a wonderful fan of the extremely well-known video game Roblox. This video game has actually developed a brand-new chapter The Mimic Chapter 3 Code.

This game is acquiring a big follower base around the world specifically in the Philippines, Canada, United States, United Kingdom. The imitate gaming series has actually been introduced by Roblox for time. Currently, this Pc gaming series has actually generated a brand-new phase that is additionally acquiring a big follower base.

What Is The Mimic Series?

The mimic series by Roblox is all about some horror styles and significant songs in the background. Not just this, but the video game additionally thinks of some intriguing and also cool story to preserve the rate of interest of the gamers. To understand more regarding this, continue reviewing the post.

What Is The Mimic Chapter 3 Code?

It is a scary story line game play that thrills the gamers. It includes terrific graphics which appears to be quite adventurous. This series can be played with buddies or alone. The good friends of the player are missing who require to be discovered in their old secondary school. However after reaching the school, it gets rather hard to discover any individual as the journeys of this game begins there. In the college, you will certainly locate a lot of scary light, sounds, etc.

Gamer’s Reviews

The resemble collection has been liked by the players so much. This new phase has actually grabbed the fantastic interest of the players as they locate the game quite interesting. This series has actually constantly been the player’s favorite. Some people found this phase quite frightening and awful. Yet the enthusiasts are much more in number.

Final Judgment

If you are also a Roblox game fan after that this article concerning The Mimic Chapter 3 Code will aid you recognize much more intriguing sides of the video game. In this write-up, we have actually seen the new collection that has actually been introduced by the developers of Roblox.

It is a really daring chapter as it entails scary graphics. If you are likewise a Roblox follower, do let us know about your experience with the brand-new resemble chapter 3 released by Roblox. Did you find this short article useful? Do let us know.


The Mimic Chapter 3 Code (Aug) Find Out More Here!

The Mimic Chapter 3 Code (Aug) Find Out More Here! >> This article gives you crucial details about a horror Roblox game and related codes. Please read here to get the information.

The global popularity and success of Roblox need no introduction. Due to the vast user base, there are several exciting games available on Roblox.

What is The Mimic Chapter 3?

Roblox has a collection of several fantastic user-made games. Infact, what’s made Roblox so popular is that it offers various tools for users to create their own and allow other players to participate in them.

Several games on this platform have received a lot of recognition and popularity. Another Roblox game that’s quickly gaining a lot of traction is The Mimic.

The Mimic Chapter 3 Code is trending as users are looking for codes to the latest chapter of this game. The Mimic is a horror game, and most of the gameplay occurs in dark and scary places with fear-inducing background sounds and character designs. The movements of the players are also designed in a fashion to make the experience scarier.

Details about The Mimic

Please look at some crucial details about this game below:

What are users saying about The Mimic Chapter 3 Code?

Some videos on social media platforms exist where users have given their reviews and comments for the latest chapter of this game.

Users have described this game as scary and added that it induces chills. Users added that everything from the noise of the footsteps to the running movements makes this game a scary experience.

To Sum Up

A horror game on Roblox called The Mimic is rapidly gaining popularity and user attention. Queries for codes of this game’s latest chapter have become trendy as a result.


The Mimic Chapter 3 Code This New Chapter!

The Mimic Chapter 3 Code This New Chapter!>> Read the below article and know about the new launch in a famous online game.

What Is The Mimic Series?

The mimic series by Roblox is all about some horror themes and dramatic music in the background. Not only this, but the game also comes up with some interesting and cool storyline to maintain the interest of the players. To know more about this, keep on reading the article.

What Is The Mimic Chapter 3 Code?

It is a horror storyline gameplay that excites the players. It involves great graphics which seems to be quite adventurous. This series can be played with friends or alone. The friends of the player are missing who need to be found in their old high school. But after reaching the school, it gets quite difficult to find anyone as the adventures of this game begins there. In the school, you will find a lot of creepy light, noises, etc.

Player’s Reviews

The mimic series has been loved by the players so much. This new chapter has grabbed the great attention of the players as they find the game quite interesting. This series has always been the player’s favourite. Some people found this chapter quite scary and horrible. But the lovers are more in number.

Final Verdict

If you are also a Roblox game fan then this article about The Mimic Chapter 3 Code will help you know more interesting sides of the game. In this article, we have seen the new series that has been launched by the developers of Roblox. It is a very adventurous chapter as it involves horror graphics. If you are also a Roblox fan, do let us know about your experience with the new mimic chapter 3 launched by Roblox. Did you find this article informative? Do let us know.


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 on the New Lobby


In Chapter 1 you’re going back to your old school to search for your missing friends, but in the middle of it you find some bloody footprints follow them to a door. Continue following them all the way to a gym door and keep following them until the footprints stop at the shed next to the pool. Inside the room is a key. Go back to the gym but this time take a right. Use the key and walk through, then pass by the Sakura tree with a picture stuck to it and then after that pass the bathroom and go to the second door, leading you into a hallway. Walk through the right door leading you into a class room, and then to the end of the classroom finding a key. When you turn around and see Hiachi, she will not follow you but if you try to walk into her there will be a barrier. In older versions, there wasn’t a barrier and you would die if you touched her. Use the key on the basement door in the left room, walk through the tunnel and keep going until you get the first maze. While you’re in the maze you should go and find a key and then the exit. Only one enemy is in the maze, Hiachi. Hiachi has a playing audio around her of “humming”, and it will help you navigate away from her. There is also a map above the outer entrance of the maze that gives an easy run. Nightmare mode makes the blood fully visible which will make the map useless. MUCDICH also said that the maze is slightly different.

Keep walking down the path until you reach a small village. Talking to the farmer is optional, grab the key from the farmer’s attic. Enter the cave and take an immediate right. Avoid all the statues (most statues near lanterns are safe and will not attack you.) and sprint from lantern to lantern. Keep going into you reach a gate with a lever, then enter the gate and go into the house. Drop through the hole in the first floor and take a left until you reach a door, then the key on the door and pass through.


The Mimic Wiki

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Chapter II

Chapter ll is the second chapter of The Mimic. Yasu is now focused on trying to figure out what is happening to him and who is responsible for all of his visions.

Chapter II





Release date



Storyline [ ]

Part I [ ]

Chapter II starts outside of the Imperial Palace where Yasu has to walk in to continue his journey. Entering the area, he will notice a large dimly lit library full of bookshelves with a staircase up ahead. He is also greeted with a maiden whose neck could stretch with force, walking back and forth to the doors on both sides, serving as an obstacle. After avoiding her, Yasu goes up the staircase and takes a right Yasu gets the key to open the right door downstairs and pulls the lever. The lever opens the closed door upstairs which takes Yasu to a hallway. While going down the hallway a mysterious voice speaks to Yasu referring to Yasu’s friends. Going outside Yasu has to walk on planks leading to little floating islands which leads to another level where a huge samurai, Kusunoki Masashige, wanders around. The columns are used to go around him and past the doors. To get the first spirit butterfly, Yasu goes and takes the left door. While going down the corridor to get the second spirit butterfly there are noises of banging doors, and notes in the other doors of Yasu’s friends. If Yasu going straight will quickly find the other spirit butterfly. While getting the second spirit butterfly a voice from the door says ‘help me’ which is a trick. Going back and taking a right to where the door is to use the butterfly, two large hands pop out and try to grab Yasu.

Part II [ ]

After using the blue spirit butterfly, Yasu is teleported to the Realm of Forgotten. Going through the forest there will be a river with a wooden bridge to cross it. Going up to the bridge Kusunoki Masashige will go through the bridge and down the river. This time he is harmless. After crossing a large Sakura Tree with chains is ahead with a note saying «Here Lies the Seal of the Accursed Witch». After getting the spirit butterfly Yasu goes down a hallway resembling the school and the hotel, both stages back in Chapter I. Entering the hospital maze, A mannequin, Shaku, is seen sitting there. Before approaching her, a jumpscare occurs. Throughout the hospital, there are dozens of Shaku’s clones everywhere that are immobile and harmless. While getting the key or the spirit butterfly Shaku does move with her hands open and giggles. Yasu had no choice but to avoid Shaku since she would try to kill him, and he eventually made it out alive.

Part III [ ]

After using the spirit butterfly again, Yasu is teleported to a dimly lit maze. Sama, seen as a tall dark figurine stops and disappears just before entering the maze. Throughout the maze, there are 3 gardens, with only one having the spirit butterfly. For getting the spirit butterfly to open the door, Yasu uses the safehouses which allow Yasu to avoid Sama, who still proceeds to whisk him away to the next chapter.

Ending [ ]

After opening the door, Yasu is then led to a small patch of land with the ocean up ahead. Kusunoki Masashige appears again as a giant before he sinks into some water while Yasu ponders where Sama is taking him next.

Character Appearances [ ]

Notes: [ ]

«It won’t happen again I promise it won’t I won’t do it again I am sorry I won’t do it again do it again it me» Writer: Megumi

«I hate her. She likes to see me fail doesn’t she?» Writer: Megumi

«No one ever loved me for who I am. I will be someone else» Writer: Megumi

«I will be someone else I promise I can change I will» Writer: Megumi


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