карта военная база гаррис мод

Карта военная база гаррис мод

+ Global Features
— Lighting Effects
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Foliage
— Rocks!
— Nodes
— NavMesh
— Cubemaps

— Runways
— Hangers and Garages
— Aircraft Control Tow.

gm_divide is a map I’ve been working on and off for the last month or so, and is my first actual map.

A map with a long train rail system, NPC nodes for ground, striders and birds, HDR lighting and with a wire interface to control the rail switches and the color room. This workshop file contains a NAV file too.

There is no train in the map and I will NO.

Check the change notes for update infomation

Now I have to say that this map would not be possible without Grocel who originally (kind of) made the map.

gm_balkans + (update1) + Snow Style

Original map made by Bigwig

A modified version of bigcity with no particular gimmick or theme. Just a little of everything to make the map a bit more interesting and less empty feeling. FYI some key areas have been modifi.

If any of the original creator(s) have any issue with this workshop upload, please contact me as soon as possible.

I originally uploaded this to the Worksho.

This map was designed for open terrain vehicle combat, prefably ACF and / or WAC.

Update: Jul 26 @ 4:18pm (almost 420 heh heh)
Major Attempt at fixing FPS and stuff, also added train tracks

I Made this map mostly for ACF (Armoured Combat Framework) since there aren’t a whole lot of maps made for it, that have alot of features that a.

A huge hilly gm_construct styled map. This is the second version of ultimate hill grass. This fixed most of the bugs present in version one and added more content.

* 3D skybox
* Lake
* 5 Structures
* Ramp
* Tunel
* 2 Bridges
* Hi.

A quiet town lies near a mountainous forest littered with landmarks from a bygone era.

If you do not have the gm_fork map, don’t say it doesn’t work, you need the map. Also, this was created a very long time ago and may not work. Gm_fork’s navmesh also doesn’t always work, I’ve used it before and it never worked.

This is my 2nd navmesh on.

a navmesh for a 6 year old map.

make sure to check out my other addons if you are interested.

Pink and black reflections? type «mat_.

A medium-sized sandbox building map with lots of open areas, some indoor ones, a few separate rooms, pvp/pve arenas and a small spaceship.

-Spawn hub with teleporters
-Big hole in the ground for dropping stuff
-An aboveground water area

Пожалуйста, оцените карту! / Please, rate this map!

Специально для сервера Строй|Выживай (FanBase)

Ты сможешь тут найти огромную территорию чтобы строить свои невероятные творения!
Также я тут сделал новый дом с кварти.

workshop version of sb_omen_v2 created by Someco

Welcome to our solar system my friends!

After so many years of research, a scientist has finally found a way to explore the

universe. Now it’s your mission to discover the se.

I did not make this map, I’m just reuploading another of my favourite unnoticed build maps.

This map is another great freespace-like map, but focused more on combat. You can find here many more features when compared to the older freespaces, and this is.

This is the whole new, fancy and clean Freespace_13!
I worked the last 2 months on this map. And finaly, it’s finished!

So why don’t you take a look at it, explore it and enjoy it?

Lite version of bigcity «improved»

Includes pretty much everything from the original except the water and the reflections on some of the buildings.

This map is far superior to the original version, especially if you’re running a sandbox serv.

This map features a theme similar to gm_construct large building spaces etc, more information below.

Dynamic Swaying Tall Grass (Detail Props)

gm_balkans now (update1)

The basic idea — a large and open space (area — 30784×30784 units; height — 14767 units). You can drive and fly without problems. There are some buildings to diversify the space. Have fun!

There may be bugs. Map does not have NPC AI navigation and 3D sk.

I made this because I hated dropping off of the Flatgrass platform (in servers with noclip off) with no quick way of getting back up. Enjoy.

I made a mapicon for this awesome map, because the original map found here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=409296486 by AverageWeen did not contain a mapicon in single player mode.

A long and large road, with desertic environnement. Same map as Gm_Highway192000, but with a construct zone, a building, and new open areas. Perfect to test cars or vehicles. Inspired by the video clip 19-2000 by Gorillaz.

Large Open map, canyon theme and quite a few places to explore and build bases
and to top it all off, a huge AOE particle beam equipped space ship in the sky.

Made this for me and my friends but I’ve made it public so anyone can use it.

Map for offroad driving.

Credit to Tophattwaffle for some of his wonderfull textures.

+ Global Features
— Updated Lighting Effects
— New Terrain Materials
— Ambient Sounds
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Small/Medium Buildings

— Runway
— Redone Han.

4 day made navmesh for a horrible built but large scale map
i’ll fix and reupload this broken map soon.
to get rid of the windows; type «ent_remove_all func_breakable_surf» in console

Fully noded for AI.

big open wasteland with underground connections, perfect for a navmesh that took only 2 days to generate.

make sure to check out my other addons if you.

Not Girls’ Frontline u dork.
big open war map, all it lacked was a 4 day made navmesh.

make sure to check out my other addons if you are interested.

My second map, which I made when I started making map. Therefore, it is not very high quality and is a modification of someone else’s map.

Imperium base
Ork’s outpost
Imperial Outpost with Trenches
Big skybox

This map is ai-noded.
Stay on th.

This is a modification of the map emp_arid from the game Empires, the game can be found by clicking here, its free and pretty awesome so check it out!

A post-nuclear gmod map.

Fully noded for AI

If you are seeing checkered shadows on the ground it’s because you don’t have Episode 2 installed.

There is enough space outside and inside to build, do some PVP or even fly with a complex handmade thruster based plane.
Doesn’t require extra mounted game or addon.

This is my first map and addon so please dont complain about bugs and stuff, I will fix it when I get the chance,

Includes v1.0 and v4 of GM_UBase. v1.0 can be found under the name ubasev10, which v4 can be found under gm_ubasev4.

Inclusion list may vary based on version.

-if you got problems with models/textures download gm_fork and relaunch garry’s mod
-if you can’t go through teleport on foot you need to do it by vehicle

Big open area map (4 times bigger than gm_fork,but it’s something more like gm_moben.

A massive hl2 desert map that can easily be used for RP! Map was created for Betaworks Roleplay HL2 Combine Military RP.

The map features a large desert area, canyons, tons of debris all around, a.

It’s just four gm_construct, but copied and pasted in one map

This map have AI Nodes and Navmesh.

After around 11 hours, I finally have it.

This is a navmesh for fightspace3b for use with nextbots. It has not been edited in any way, it’s the exact same one you would get if y.

a multi purpose build map inspired by freespace

An updated version of my map gm_islandresort, this time including an exciting new feature known as «trees». Other than that, it’s basically the same.

gm_islandresort is a simple and empty island map featuring textures from Wii S.

A remade gm_construct-themed project. Fully AI Noded.

This is a remake of my older map, gm_boys. It was pretty messy to be honest, but it had good concepts. This remake has better optimization and is a combination of many popular maps all meshed into on.

Cette map est une modification de la map «gm_excess_construct» disponible sur le workshop ici :

Elle a été modifiée pour mon serveur «Another S&box» :

Thanks for all the support on this map, it was literately the second map I’ve ever made so i was quite surprised with its popularity. Since then I have newer better ww1 maps:

DISCLAIMER: This is my first map and is very basic!

Very massive map with two opposing trenches and lots of mud also a very big skyb.

A remake of the famous gm_buttes.

Let me know if you find any issues.

Work In Progress Map

Designed for combat with infantry and tanks (ACF)
Made for the Megabuild ACF3 server

Build area and spawn with teleporters to each side of the map
Large, dynamic fightin.

Don’t complain about missing models (red «ERROR») or missing textures (purple/black checkerboard) if you don’t have it.
(Beginning with beta version 7, CS:S and TF2 are no longer required.)

Just a small handful of map icons for sandbox maps that either slipped under the radar or never really took off, but still lack a proper icon for some reason or other. also because those ugly placeholders are really bothersome.


Большой информационный справочник