карта scp secret laboratory для майнкрафт

SCP: Secret Laboratory RP Map [READ DESC!]

The Texture Pack being used for this was NOT made by myself.
It belongs to Djigallag and here’s the link to download his pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/breach-from-zone-19-resourcepack/

I tried to replicate all the rooms and hallways that would generate in the game in every round.
NOTE:  This map is pretty much just a roleplay map. It is not an Adventure Map. Things that exist in the original game
can be found, tho are not working most likely. For example: Tesla Gates, Normal Gates, The Intercom, 106’s Recontainment Process, SCP-914 (items can’t be upgraded in there, only the doors can close at INTAKE and OUTPUT with the button), Keycards, etc. I’m still planning to add some of those things to get them working. The Keycard-System for example won’t work and won‘t be added. Elevators tho are working! 

Anyways, I hope you like the map and I hope it looks pretty accurate compared to the game.
For any bugs, fixes or things that I forgot to add, please comment down below.

Another note: If you spawn outside the map, try to kill yourself. Sounds silly but after that you should spawn into the D-Class Chambers. ALSO! The version for this map is 1.13.

(Also, there’s a little extra Easter Egg in the heavy containment zone, which is an SCP that doesn’t exist in SCP:SL)

UPDATE 1 : Added more corridors and hallways, made airlocks brighter, changed and fixed some hallways and rooms, added Exit B and Elevator System B, added Armory for the Heavy Containment Zone and some signs are now fixed and put into the right place.


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