карта lost для майнкрафт

Let’s start with the thank you’s to those who helped us out with this project:

This is the official Minecraft LOST Map Trailer that will kick off the release of the map. Our subscribers got the map first, upon which the map was released on the forums two days later. Note that this version of the map will probably be updated as Minecraft moves out of beta, so look for updates and cool mods.

It took us about two weeks to make the map and one week to test it. We are proud of the landscape and details we’ve added. And please remember that this map represents our interpretation of the physical layout of the island. We are not here to argue LOST topography. We just want to create a platform for LOST/Minecraft fans to have fun.

Included in the download:

1. The map file
2. The skins folder with LOST characters
3. An image of the actual map that will help with exploring
4. Our Minecraft LOST wallpaper
5. A ReadMe file that should be read first

If you plan on doing a Let’s Play or walkthrough, please send us those videos. Even if it’s only a video of you finding the crash site, please send that to us as a message or video response. We don’t care if you have one subscriber, or one million subs, we value what you do with this map.

If you have any questions about the map, or how to install it, we can help with that. Some instructions are included in the ReadMe file.

Please Like this video if you have downloaded the map. We are so appreciative to share this map with the MC community. Have fun and look for our next map/series of videos to start soon.


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