карта гта вайс сити майнкрафт



Downtown City is a medium-sized city. The city was building five years and is still not complete. The city is a combination of American and European architectural style. The town has a number of public buildings such as a stadium, several parks and much more. Apart from the city itself there are suburban areas, farms, airport (unfinished), forest and in it a curious abandoned building. In the world there are two islands. One of them is the typical «banana republic» and is decorated in Caribbean style with inspired game Tropico 3 and abandoned island. For now I do not attach a file because the world is not sufficiently furnished, but intercede photo of in advance (except for islands).

100 m² land with mountains. Now only terrain, but someday will be there some cities and villages in postsoviet style. Today we have 2 dams and 2 villages. In future there will be nuclear power plant like in Chernobyl.


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