карта гта сан андреас для гаррис мод

Карта гта сан андреас для гаррис мод

Included Major Characters from GTA San Andreas.
*You can find Tenpenny, Pulaski and Mike Toreno here.*

Included LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), LSSD (.

I uploaded this as an expa.

*IMPORTANT* Requires VJ Base and other required addons.

Because of the updating problem, I separated the material of the models into another addon.

Included LCPD (Liberty City Police Department), FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau), NOoSE (National Office of Security Enforcement) and Security Guard from GTA IV.

The National Office of Security Enforcement (NOoSE) is a government law enforcement agency responsible primarily for heavily armed police responses in GTA V.
The NOOSE is based on the Spe.

The FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau) is a law enforcement agency.

The International Affairs Agency ​(IAA) is an intelligence agency featured in Grand Theft Auto V.
The Drug Observation Agency (DOA) is primarily an undercover intelligence.

Included Gruppe Sechs Private Security (also written as gruppe 6) and Merryweather Private Security from GTA V.
I hope you all would enjoy it! 😀

More than 900 voice l.

Included The Professionals, Duggan Crime Family and Avon’s Clone Army from GTA ONLINE.
I hope you all would enjoy it.

(The Professionals) Stereotype Suit-wearing Criminal organization.
(The Professionals) Because of the.

Included 7 different Gangs/Mobs and 6 different Law Enforcement from GTA Vice City.
Have fun! 🙂

Unique idle, walking, running and shooting styles for gang members.

Because of the updating problem, I separated the material files.

Materials for Armenian Mobs, Kkangpae, Rednecks, East side Ballas and The Lost MCs are included.

Updated: Added Missing textures for Rednecks.

Now I know that there is already a GTA 5 pack of snpcs with both [url=ht.

Using a brand new random voice system, that uses only 1 entity for all voices instead of 1 entity for every voice, meaning they won’t have friendly fire issues and should wo.


Карта гта сан андреас для гаррис мод

Blow up your enemies from the sky with a controllable missile!

Left click to launch a air-to-surface missile from the sky above the aimed position.
When launched, use the mouse or the movement keys to direct it, left cl.

The most advanced, feature packed and optimised crosshair addon available for Garry’s Mod!

*The crosshair in the icon image is a screenshot from one created with this addon*

Lara’s boat from Tomb raider Underworld. Two versions: one controlled from primary cockpit and one via flybridge.

— Go to vehicles tab > TRU yacht

Hands by your side for roleplaying, movie making, and when you just gotta put your crowbar away!

The functionality is pretty minimalist by necessity, but I’ve tried very hard to have a nice icon for the swep and everything, to match the theme of the HL2.


Подпишитесь, чтобы загрузить
[VJ] GTA SA Major Characters

I hope you all would enjoy it! 😀

More than over 2300 Voice lines!
Unique idle, walking, running and shooting styles for every Characters.
Have own voices from each Characters from GTA San Andreas.
— Unique HAIYA for Ryder when doing melee attack. :3
Almost same weapon firing times with GTA SA.
5 Different weapons from GTA San Andreas. (Weapons are not available for Players!
I’m so sorry, but please wait for GTA SA Gang SNPCs. :c)
-Desert Eagle
-Micro SMG
-Tec 9
Unique weapon stats for CJ!

SNPC List:
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson (Gangster version)
Carl Johnson (Muscle version)
Sean «Sweet» Johnson
Lance «Ryder» Wilson
Lance «Ryder» Wilson (Ballas)
Melvin «Smoke» Harris
Melvin «Smoke» Harris (Ballas)
Melvin «Smoke» Harris (Bodyarmor)
OG Loc
Cesar Vialpando
Wu Zi Mu
Grove Street 4 Life (GSF OGs)
Big Bear
Big Bear (Addicted)

3/15: New melee attack animations for Ryder and Sweet.

7/7: Fixed pistol animation. Special thanks to Comrade Communist!
Because CJ’s own Deagle is not working anymore, I’ve decided to make him using Cesar’s deagle too. So Deagle’s damage has been balancing.

9/11: Category has been changed.
You can find the most of the SNPCs on GTA SA Main Characters now.
Added Bodyarmor wearing Smoke.
-He has Ballas’s relationship and has different voice lines. (Reloading lines only)

9/20: Changed OG Loc’s animations.

9/30: Added Deagle and Tec9 for Sweet.
Micro Uzi, Tec9 for Ryder and Smoke.
Fixed weapon spawner glitch for CJ.

11/3: Tiny sound fix, Changed Woozie’s selection picture.

11/17: Added Big Bear, Both fat and weak version with fully voice lines.

11/19: Added purple color Smoke n Ryder.
— Ballas version of Ryder has unique death voice line.
Added purple skin for Bodyarmour Smoke.

11/22: Ryder and Smoke’s remake models have been updated.
Added bandana from GTA SA Gang SNPCs for Ryder and Smoke.

Weapon collision glitch has been fixed!

11/26: Added bandana for Sweet and Cesar.
Added new SNPC: Ballas Sweet. It’s fully fictional SNPC, with some removed voice lines.

12/13: Added new bandanas for Emmet and armour wearing Big Smoke.


Карта гта сан андреас для гаррис мод

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I am not the original creator or owner of this map.


Also because ‘reasons’ I’m publishing the VMF here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zssw0spfo9af4p7/City45%20Content%20%26%20VMF.zip?dl=0
Yes you can make alterations, no I will not support you in hammer.

Suitable for Comics/poses/mac.

Appreciate the map and want to buy me a beer? Clicky Clicky [www.paypal.me]

After hundreds of hours spent on mapping, learning, designing and redesigning. RP_Bangclaw is finally done!

The intention was to compete with the ver.

This map is not supported any more due to it’s age. This map does not affiliate in any way with the other C17 map released.

This map is made for HL2RP, and is as much similar as the C17 from the Half-Life 2 game itself. The map is unfinished, bug.

Jorpakko, a fictional Finnsh City, is a large-scale RP map designed to combine both fun and realistic experiences to Garry’s Mod.

This is an old experimental role play map designed for Garry’s Mod 9.

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THIS MAP WAS NOT MADE BY ME. I’m simply re-uploading it because of how hard it is to find.

Also the girls in the 3rd picture are not included, sorry guys. (And some girls) The girl in the blue bikini.

Old medieval village map
Requires EP2 and CSS

Requires CSS and EP2

VIllage in mountains.
CSS and Ep2 Required!

Kielce a WWII Themed city map

Downtown Edit
Created primarily for WWII Occupation themed roleplay (1942RP)

Content Pack: htt.

«2 Maps Included, Daylight and Nighttime

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: RP Richland Townhomes
Based on the deathmatch map DM_Richland

Renember this map from vice city, well now you can play with others

Request thanks to T-Rex, for commenting on my upload from GTA:VC Scars

Map not made by me, just ported it to gmod 13.

Map creator is Saitek

Some of the textures/models need CS:S!


Whitebox V4 is the final version of this map.
This map contains:

— Holodome
— Underground Area
— Pool
— High Walkways

among other things.

*Updated version of Bloc42 that includes a sewer system and different changes including a 3D skybox* European inspired RP map, includes apartments, stores, garages, a police station.

I did not create the original map, I only edited it to make it more RPable.

Large, post-apocalyptic-themed roleplay map.

I didn’t make this. All credit goes to Hazard24 and the people who helped them.
This add-on will be removed if Hazard24 decides to upload it themself.

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

The main City 8 HL2 Roleplay map.

City 8 takes place in the Combine Metroplex that was formerly Tokyo, Japan. As with C

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

This was a «beta» map that came before the proper release of the City 8 map franchise, but it is still a very nice piece of work.

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

The final release of the City 8 District 9 map. I started work on this the day D9

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

City 8 takes place in the Combine Metroplex that was formerly Tokyo, Japan. As with City 17, the Universal Union has installed a Cita

Credits go to CaptSuperCow for map construction, testing and design; Tiki for input, main testing and design consideration. Last updated 1-16-2007

I take absolutley no credit for this map, I’m simply reuploading it from my old HDD

This is (or was) a rare map that used to be on garrysmod.org but vanished from the face of the earth. I managed to recover it off of my HDD and reuploading it here for a.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Roleplay map made for Taco ‘N’ Banana by Dave Brown.
Frequently used on our server, so be sure to get this.

Episode 2 and CSS are required.

The new, and completely better, version of my evil dead map

*Not related to the movies. This is a zombie rp town/city*

Tired of the same zombie rp map over and over? Here’s one that’s completely fresh.

The final version of the Evil Dead map.

Very old Garry’s mod map. Dates back to Garry’s mod 9. Map may be old, but is still a great map.

I did not make, nor do I own it.

Map requires Counter-Strike Source for some textures and materials.

It has many cool features

A bank with working.

A small role play map with a lot of additional corridors. Counter-Strike: Source required!

All credits go to The_God_Of_Lag.

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A good map for clan training used by FSC, and many other clans, it is useful for training your clan at CQC/B and the use of different weapons.

This is a Reupload from Garrysmod.org

Main Meeting room
Firing range
Room clearance training w.

A map I made for another community which ended up not getting used. Enjoy.

I don’t care how you use it, just try to credit me. That means yes you can decompile it.

NOW FOR Garry’s mod 13

Original authors: knijn, BlackPhoenix and The Pro.

Description (from authors):
Special thanks to The Pro: 1) He was uber-patient, so I just could.

A map by WillH, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.

Ported to Gmod 13
Original by F.Kalkman

I noticed that there were many questions on how to get to the «Office Mayor’s». We type «sv_cheats 1», then «god», moved into the Mayor’s Office, we’re there!

«To get into the mayors office th.

Current version: rp_innercity_bn_v1d
Originally Released 11-8-08

*A few decal textures cut off
*Texture in the presentation room somewhat flickers
(possibly more)

Welcome to Innercity, origi.

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Half-Life 2 Roleplay server.
Original map by HumiliatioN.

A map by Dave Brown, created for Taco ‘N’ Banana’s Terminator Roleplay server.

This isn’t optimized perfectly and you will experience a little bit of framerate drop when trying to look at the entire map. There is also only one spawn, so this isn’t 100% ready for online use.

Reupload of the V4C of downtown.

Thanks to everyone who clicks on «Like»! 😀

If you get errors, you need the CS:S content.

rp_grozny is in ‘BETA’, that means the layout of the map is there, but it lacks detail.
I can’t spend alot of time on this project anymore because i’m busy with school.

It’s based on the city of Grozny in the chechnya war.

This time, we go back in time to the 1950’s. In this map its all about the mafia! so using this map with a mafia roleplay gamemode is the best you can do.

The map has been made in the typical new york 1950 style, along with text fonts and 1950 posters.


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