карта готэм сити для майнкрафт

Gotham City & Metropolis Project

I would like to thank MrEliteTCG for his video as well. He demonstrated Metropolis in his video. Here is a link to his account and

Here is his profile ;

I would like to thank my friend Cenk Bezirgan aka Bezirgan Gaming aka Stormie93 as well. He did some cool redstone stuff and helped me with making Narrrows. Details are in the file.

Now most importantly I would like to thank to people who made most of these buildings. Some of them are city projects, some of them are just building projects. What I did is that I made the terraforming, borders, water and islands and put roads, sidewalks and street lights on them. Later on I added buildings from Gotham City projects and other projects from planetminecraft and I heavily edited those buildings. After that I made the wayne manor inspired from Titans TV show, uptown Lighthouse, Gotham Museum (kinda), Gotham Observatory (inspired from a video on youtube can’t remember),Gotham Stadium, Park row and Crime Alley, Gotham General Hospital, Church on uptown, Gotham Hospital, Gotham City Docks,

Gotham Reservoir, Narrows(with my friend Stormie93), Interior of Iceberg Lounge, Statue Of Justice, Top of the Daily Planet and

His profile : https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/hueyrruckus/

Thanks to IIX_Batman_XII for Monarch Theater. I couldn’t reach to him but I hope he’d be okay with it.

Link to the profile : https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/jdduffer/

Thanks to Balazs8899 for letting me use his City of Trenton map. I used some minor buildings to add to Gotham City
and basically made Metropolis from it. To show my gratitude I named upper Metropolis Balazs District. His profile :

Link to his profile https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/eastern-state-penitentiary-482806/

Thanks to daaw for Bridges. I used Bridges Bundle to connect roads. Here is link to the profile https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/daaw

Lastly I want to thank Altimal for t he Realistic Street map. I used it alot for Uptown Gotham City.


•::Gotham: Revival::• — Gotham city in Minecraft

• Bleake Island:
— • the GCPD building: 100%
—— • interior: not started
— • area around GCPD: 100%
— • Bridge that leads to Miagani Island: 100%
— • Bleake Island Fire station: 100%
— • The Clock tower: 90%
—— • interior: not started
— • Panessa studios: not started
— • Roads: 35%
— • Common buildings: 40%
—— • Chinatown: 35%
— • Sewer system: not started
— • Monorail station: not started
— • Bleake Island monorail system: 20%

• Miagani Island:
— • Wayne tower: 90% (created by Isackatgames)
— • Grand Avenue: 90% (created by Isackatgames)
— • Grand Avenue: 70% (created by Isackatgames)

• Founders Island: not started

• Arkham city:
— • The wonder tower: 10% (work has been frozen l)

• Arkham Island: not started

• Seagate: not started

• Wayne Manor: 100%
— • interior: 50%
— • area around the mansion: 100%

Проект •. Gotham: Revival. •

Gotham: Revival начался с моего вдохновения незаконченным Готэм Сити от Isackatgames. Планировалось это как просто завершение его города, но сейчас главная цель — перенести город Тёмного рыцаря в Майнкрафт. Сейчас в планах есть постройка как минимум 3 островов. Это только начало, проект будет обновляться.

• Остров Блик:
— • Здание ПДГС: 100%
—— • интерьер: не начато
— • область вокруг ПДГС: 100%
— • Мост ведущий на остров Миагани: 100%
— • Пожарная станция острова Блик: 100%
— • Часовая башня: 90%
—— • интерьер: не начато
— • Панесса студиос: не начато
— • Дорога: 35%
— • Различные здания: 40%
—— • Китайский квартал: 35%
— • Система канализации: не начато
— • Станция монорельса: не начато
— • Ж/д острова Блик: 20%

• Остров Миагани:
— • Башня Уэйна: 90% (создано Isackatgames)
— • Гранд Авеню: 90% (создано Isackatgames)
— • Станция Гранд Авеню: 70% (создано Isackatgames)

• Остров Основателей: не начато

• Аркхем сити:
— • Чудо башня: 10% (работа приостановлена)

• Остров Аркхем: не начато

• Поместье Уэйнов: 100%
— • интерьер: 50%
— • местность вокруг здания: 100%

— Isackatgames
—— His original project


Gotham City (Unfinished)

Introducing, one of the biggest map project of mine. A recreation of Gotham City from the Arkham video-games. The city is consisted of 3 main islands, Bleake, Miagani, and Founder’s. The city will be an exact replica of the gotham city players saw in the hit video-game Arkham Knight. Follow this project to see updates and news on the progress!

Check out my Youtuber Channel for video updates of the project! https://www.youtube.com/user/IsacKatgames/videos

Bleake Island (45% completed)
-Clock Tower
-Urbarail Station
-Sionis Industries
Miagani Island (15% completed)
-Grand Avenue Station
-Grand Avenue Square
Founder’s Island (Have not started)

I will be uploading this as a downloadable world file once the project is finished! Hope you guys enjoy.

4 Update Logs

Long time, no see. Cutting right to the chase, i have stopped playing minecraft when i got to university. I did not grow «too old» to play the game anymore, no. I would love to play still. However, it just not in my path at the moment. Therefore, i have uploaded the unfinished map for all of you to download! Feel free to use it for any of your creative needs. Whether that is taking buildings, piece-by-piece, or even finishing the city.

I have put my passion and hard work into this project. It is very sad to let it go. However, i believe there are a lot more builders out there who are way better than i ever was.



Greetings, fellow citizens! Welcome to Gotham City!

This map is has (and still is) been painstakingly recreated to the exact specifications of the official map of Gotham City released by DC Comics. Currently, I am in the process of building up the narrows in all of its old, rundown glory, and will move on, island by island, until this is fit for release. My plans include using this map on a fully modded public server, allowing all to see the great work done here, and live a life in one of the most loved fictional cities ever created (or recreated). As areas are worked on, I will be adding to this list the progression of the overall locations, as well as pieces of trivia and in-universe lore about the mysterious city and its inhabitants. This map will be available as part of the mod pack once the map is finished. I am currently building this in MC 1.7.10, (yes, 1.7.10) as a few mods on the list are only available in this version. Follow myself and this project for updates to the build and news about the eventual server and how it will be run.

=============CUSTOM MOD PACK=============
This mod pack was originally created for my friends and
I to use in a private setting, but the idea of one day
having a public server for my work to be seen has grown
enticing over time. For access to the mod pack, you will
need to use Technic Mod Loader, allocating at least 4 GB
of RAM in order to run this pack at all. Yes, it’s quite large
and the load times are fun as always.

===============JOIN THE TEAM==============
Thank you for being interested in joining myself and the build team here at Project Gotham City! As much as we want as many builders as we can get, we do want the map to reflect a certain quality and skill level that can best serve the map and community as a whole. Below are a set of instructions that, if followed EXACTLY, will put YOU in the running to join the team!

1.) Record* yourself building a building in one of these styles:**
— Art Deco (skyscrapers, office towers, and high-scale department stores.)
— Neo-Gothic (churches/cathedrals, old institutions, public works buildings and structures.)
— Neoclassicism (government and municipal buildings such as a town hall, a courthouse, etc.)
— Modernist, specifically late-40’s to 60’s (private test sites, scientific laboratories, mid-range suburb homes.)
— Art Nouveau (high-scale townhouses, older upscale suburban neighborhoods, small manor houses.)
— Beaux Arts (mid-size mansions; go for the look and feel of young, uptown socialites of high society.)
— Baroque/Rococo (old money families. large, grandiose mansions from centuries past.)
— Craftsman Architecture (middle- and upper-middle-class suburban neighborhoods.)

*I suggest using OBS to record the video. It’s easy and simple to set up. the editing software I suggest, unless you want to spend money on/already have Vegas or Premiere would be DaVinci Resolve for its robust and simple to use toolkit.

**If you don’t recognize the style, look it up on google and build one of those. Include interiors in your builds.

4.) Wait for a response
While you wait, check back on the PMC page for any future updates regarding the project, the group size, and the next major worksite for the map!

5a.) You’ve been chosen! Congrats!
If you have been chosen, then congratulations, you are now part of the Project Gotham City team! You will be emailed back with information about joining the Discord server, the minecraft server IP, server rules, and what your job(s) will be while working on the server as well as the time expected of you. Welcome to the team!

5b.) You haven’t been chosen. Oof.
You haven’t been chosen. Sorry. You will be emailed back with a message explaining why you specifically weren’t chosen. BUT DON’T LOSE HOPE! If the reason is along the lines of too many people in a category, submit another application with another build style!



Gotham City

This is my interpretation of Batman in his early years presented through Minecraft

My vision is to create a unique Gotham City (or even DC Comics Universe) world in Minecraft, I look around and there aren’t that many good (or even finished) maps of Gotham City so I strive to achieve what others have not and create a living breathing Gotham City in Minecraft no matter how much time it takes

Wayne Manor and the Batcave are «finished» for now, however eventually Gotham City will be built in my image of the interesting world of the Caped Crusader

I crammed as many references as I could into this map, some you can see in the media gallery

There are (technically) 6 ways to enter the Batcave, 3 are from inside the house, 3 are from outside the manor

This map uses MODDED blocks and Items, entering the map without being in Forge 1.7.10 with these mods loaded could result in the world being corrupted:

-[​1.7.10] SecurityCraft 1.8.13
-[​1.7.10] DamageIndicators Mod 3.3.2
-[​1.7.10] Legends Mod 6.15 or higher
-[​1.7.10] BiblioCraft
-[​1.7.10] Chisel
-[​1.7.10] Decocraft 2.4.1
-[​1.7.10] Flans Mod
-[​1.7.10] Alcara Cars Mod (Place in Flan folder not Mods folder)
-[​1.7.10] Flans Simple Parts Pack (Place in Flan folder not Mods folder)
-[​1.7.10] OptiFine HD_U_E7
-[​1.7.10] SecretRooms Mod
-[​1.7.10] Techguns Mods Beta 1.2 Alphatest 4.1

Of course these will be included in the folder which also includes the map so do not worry if you cannot find the specific versions


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