карта большого города для гаррис мода

Карта большого города для гаррис мода

Every version of gm_bigcity (A.K.A. the most well known map in Garry’s Mod outside of gm_flatgrass and gm_construct) availible on the workshop piled up in one place.

A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI.

Garry’s Mod somehow didn’t crash on me while generating the gm_bigcity navmesh so. I decided to upload it for everyone’s benefit and general safekeeping since the previous upload was taken down.

This is a not my map. All credit goes to Bigwig.

I also modified the map to make it easier to get across the map.

-Added Jeeps near player spawns

-Added boundries to make the map smaller

*FYI: This didn’t come with a weapon placement scri.

A night version of bigcity!

**If you have problems with textures being solid colours try «mat_specular 0/1″(replace 0/1 with the opposite to whatever the command is currently set to eg. if mat_specular is 1 change it to 0) in console!** (thanks, Tarah.


Карта большого города для гаррис мода

City maps for Garry’s Mod

Go to comment section and post links for more city maps to be listed.

Well, this is a mod map just done by me, inspired in gm_bigcity!

Why a bigcity’s mod?

Everyone loves this map (specially me)so, why not make a better edition? featuring higher buildings, new textures and also new sites?

The map contain this:

Well, this is a mod map just done by me, inspired in gm_bigcity!

Why a bigcity’s mod?

Everyone loves this map (specially me)so, why not make a better edition? featuring higher buildings, new textures and also new sites?

The map contain this:

Well, this is a mod map just done by me, inspired in gm_bigcity!

Why a bigcity’s mod?

Everyone loves this map (specially me)so, why not make a better edition? featuring higher buildings, new textures and also new sites?

The map contain this:

Large map with unimaginative yet descriptive title.
Lovingly handcrafted and complete with NPC nodes.
Suitable for roleplay, construction, machinima-ing, or whatever else you want.

Evocity V33X/V4b1/V2P Hl2 Ep1 & Ep2 textures/models

Pack of the hl2 ep1 and 2 textures/models so people without the content can see everything, This also has Sgt.Sickness’s missing textures with it aswell so Credits to him for that and for the great map.

At last after bugs, bugs, and many other headaches. I managed to finish an improved version of my previous GM Big Metropolys map.

Remember that this map is a modification of gm_bi.

Hello and welcome to City25! 2020 Update is now available fixing problems with AI Nodes and possible crashes.

Map doesn’t require anything so subscribe and enjoy.

Yes, bigger than GM_Bigcity.
This time I present you full remake of London from Grand Theft Auto: London 1969. I’ve been working on this map for half a year and I hope it has been worth the time.

A new train map, set in a 1945 New York State.

The Sligwolf entity trains will not function correctly on this map.

♦Replication of some Los Santos buildings
♦Overhead highway
♦Storm Fox Support
♦Navigation for NPС
♦Easter eggs

♥I will be very happy if you subscribe and rate my work♥

Just a night version of Gm_York. Hah

If you want to remove the effect of distant lights, press the button on credits

Ported to Gmod 13
Original by F.Kalkman

I noticed that there were many questions on how to get to the «Office Mayor’s». We type «sv_cheats 1», then «god», moved into the Mayor’s Office, we’re there!

«To get into the mayors office th.

Map created by Xquality, workshop assembled by Fredy.

Subscribe to the collection instead of this to avoid errors!
Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972114785

Map made for the PERP-Heads roleplay.

Map created by Xquality, workshop assembled by Fredy.


Garrys Mod — 2 карты gm_bigcity!

2 версии одной карты (ночь и день)! вы могли видеть эту локацию на каком-нибудь трейд сервере в Team Fortress 2!

Под скриншотом рядом с «похожие записи» имеется категория «как установить».


Я нашёл на этой карте дверь рядом табличка написано какфе я подошёл нажал у и меня откинуло и там раздался страшный крик я вышёл сразу из игры обьясните что это

ребят я знаю все секреты этой карты

нафиг ты зашёл и скачал а? Нервы не стальные значит всё

где в ночном или в дневном?

збс надеюсь для серва gmod 13 пойдёт

Битые ссылки на Гаррис уже не исправляем, т.к. моды на Гмод 12 не актуальны. Есть Steam Worckshop для Гмод 13, а на встречу пиратам мы не идём.

А ночная карта страшная??

жалко та слендер мэна нет.

Да но Слендер тя убьёт

Как и куда их устонавливать?

Кидаешь в папку с игрой у меня так кароч D:Program Files (x86)Garry’s modgarrysmodmaps

у меня дневная версия карты gm_bigcity

ооо ночнаю самая клёвая там гонки на серве круто устриивать

Я знаю карту gm_mc_bigcity это карта город майнкрафт

Скачал Wac и все Wac community. Теперь нашел карту где можно полетать

круто я 2 карты дневную и ночную и я там бомбы кидал короче классная карта

дневная не работает

Ссылка на дневную версию битая.

Хммм… Карта ничё-так)

ура долго искал и нашёл

Да, помнится я играл в Team Fortreass 2 на Раслабухе №7 (вроде бы). Хорошая там была карта Big City

Добавьте превью у карты

Попробую на кс поставить))\

Кароче гайд как установить карту качайте карту потом
програмкой Winrar копируйте папку в папку Addon далее мы в папке с картой должны найти файлы bsp,Nav сетку, Nav сетка позволяет Nextbotam передвигатся если её нет ничего страшного далее мы перебрасываем файл bsp в папку maps, аа кстати не забывайте некоторые карты требуют контента css source!! Или portal))

И наслаждайтесь картой)))

надо скидывать в папку maps если чо

я нашёл пасхалку когда играл в здание какомто


Карта большого города для гаррис мода

+ Global Features
— Lighting Effects
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Foliage
— Rocks!
— Nodes
— NavMesh
— Cubemaps

— Runways
— Hangers and Garages
— Aircraft Control Tow.

+ Global Features
— Lighting Effects
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Foliage!
— Rocks!
— Nodes
— Cubemaps?

— Runways
— Hangers and Garages
— Aircraft Control Towers
— H.

+ Global Features
— Lighting Effects
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Foliage!
— Rocks!
— Nodes
— Cubemaps?
— Night time

— Runways
— Hangers and Garages
— Aircraft Contr.

+ Global Features
— Lighting Effects
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Small/Medium Buildings
— Nodes
— NavMesh

— Runways
— Interactive Hangers and Garages
— Airc.

This map was designed for open terrain vehicle combat, prefably ACF and / or WAC.

A quiet town lies near a mountainous forest littered with landmarks from a bygone era.

hello! this is the snow version of gm_warmap_v5
it kinda the same map but:

I decided to release as-is, it would make me sad if you rate the map down for bugs that I already know about 🙁

This is also my first attempt at a huge open map, and I will admit that I am not t.

Well this map was originally the prequel to Ineu Valley, however some people liked it more then the second version. I.

On September 11th, 2001, the United States was attacked on her own soil. In retaliation, the global superpower laun.

**NOTICE** This map requires the content addon to fully work. This is due to workshop restrictions and I apologize for any inconveniences it may cause. You can find the content here:

This is only some content to allow the map to be uploaded to the workshop. This addon is completely useless without the map itself and if you comment saying this addon is useless, you’re absolutely right.

Gee, sure is baren out here.

This is rp_wasteland, a semi-beta map that I’m currently working on. New parts are probably going to be haphazardly thrown into this map at random.

Chuck me some suggestions if you want, in discussions.

rp_grozny is in ‘BETA’, that means the layout of the map is there, but it lacks detail.
I can’t spend alot of time on this project anymore because i’m busy with school.

It’s based on the city of Grozny in the chechnya war.

A winter edit of rp_ineu_pass_v1e made by my man Statua.

CS:S and Episode 2 required.

VMF Now available for all to use at http://web.archive.org/web/20190407060735/https://forum.facepunch.com/dev/ropo/Statua-s-VMF-Dump/1/
Dont add me for questions regarding it. I’m out of the mapping business now. Pce

Requires: CS:S + EP2 + EP1


Famous map now with navmesh(for nextbots npcs) and textures from HL2:Ep2

Requires: nothing, all included (maybe only css content)

The biggest map size possible designed for the game mode «GModZ».

Dozens of locations
Dense forest with cabins dotted throughout the map
Huge city in the center
Custom models
Custom textures
Multiple treehouses
2 Safe zones ( One is only acces.

«I don’t like sand, it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.»

A vast sea of rolling sand, perfect for a jaunt in the desert whether combat or adventure.

Please note: skybox does not work on medium textures and below.

Somewhere on the river Rhine.

Map for offroad driving.

Credit to Tophattwaffle for some of his wonderfull textures.

Alternative name: KROGNAK, EATER OF CPU

A huge map with realistic mountain terrain. Neat to walk around in. It’s also good for testing vehicles, and it doesn’t require any games, since the textures are custom.

Sadly, no AI nodes or 3D skybox*.

gm_balkans now (update1)

+ Global Features
— Updated Lighting Effects
— New Terrain Materials
— Ambient Sounds
— Maximum map size supported by editor
— Small/Medium Buildings

— Runway
— Redone Han.

gm_balkans + (update1) + Snow Style

A fairly simple map based on a cordoned off section of the Atlantic Ocean.

Large skybox
A deep and vast ocean
A small spawn area (in the corner of the map, of course)
A huge play area (full of lots of water, of course)

A vast tundra worth conquering for it’s resources, Vyten is set for capture the flag style combat.
Based on the map Arctic Region from the popular game World of Tanks.

— 5 Outposts
— AI Nodes
— 2 Opposing towers
— W.

This is Drivers Heaven. A map that took me about a year to finish after a million problems with different things. It has been built with feedback from my fans and is one of the largest maps ever made for Garry’s Mod.

A list of things you can find in thi.

A large, snowy landscape with a sprawling underground research facility.

Down hill racing map.

All credit goes to the map author Stene. I just uploaded it here to workshop.

Map features a large forest covered in snow. Map is fully noded for npc battles.

Work in progress, snow themed map for combat (mainly designed around ACF tanks).

Requires TF2 to be mounted; this requirement will be removed at a later date.

-r0: workshop release, changed name from gm_damnbuild3
-r1: fixed cubemaps (r.

A big open city map.

Fully noded for AI.

An map for WAC addon.

-Scripted and destroyable: Dropshops, Gunships, Fueltrucks, Combines, Helicopter, Rebels.
-Destroyable and.

-LDR and HDR
-NPC navigation
-Scripted car traffic. (5 or 10 cars)*
-3 place 5vs5 NPC scripted assault.*
-20vs20 NPC scrip.

An flying aircraft carrier called Ivan Grozny (Ivan The Terrible).

Content used: Half-life 2 (include episodes) Counter-Strike: Source.

— Flying aircraft with interior.
— Hangar with elevator.
— Deck with mounted guns.
— Tower with moun.

This addon was made by cheeezy I take no credit!

Bring on the nostalgia!
This is the old avalanche map from GarrysMod Nine. The Avalanche works, to start the avalanche press the button at the top of the tower on the giant hill.
Some things the map inc.

*** This is an updated version of rp_crossfire_mrp please read below ***

You may use this map on your server, you cannot, however, edit this map without seeking permission from Smashy first. This map has several ideas from other maps all combin.

Be sure to comment and leave a like!

I would like to introduce my second map, It consists of large mountains with custom textures, as well as some small buildings. I generated a 256×256 heightmap in world machine then imported it into hammer with dispge.


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