карта авп майнкрафт в кс го

Карта авп майнкрафт в кс го

An awp map for training your awp aim, or just wreck your friends!

Please enjoy and rate if you like it

My best one yet, please rate if you enjoyed!

This is our version of Crashz’s awp_minecraft.

If you want to see the differences between his and our version, check it out yourself 🙂

On both spawns are buyzones.

Use the AWP or knife to eliminate the opposite team.

-Classic map with new textures and gameplay

-supports 64 spawnpoints

-new full of places to stay

-Exellent gameplay tested by many players

-New custom and better textures

This is a remake of my minecraft map for CSS.
Enjoy 🙂

HOW TO play the map against bots

• Click on the green button (SUBSCRIBE)
• Start CS:GO
• Click on PLAY
• Choose Offline with Bots
• Choose.

This map no completed.
Crossfire maps

GecoR Present: AWP MAP

This is awp map were you have to shot enemys with awps first team killed other team will win.

HD remake of the famous map awp_lego.

Thanks for downloading this map! 😀

— Partially revamped the map.
— Added deathmatch as a gamemode.

1.Returned the default textures.
2. Returned the skybox and default lighting

Everything else remained unchanged.

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counte.


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