карта адская шахта для гаррис мод

Garry’s Mod 13 — Карта Gm_fork_night

Карта Gm_Fork, с первых минут завоевала меня. На ней особо не построишь, но сам город, пригород, шахты, реки, горы, леса, в конец концов величина карты и то, насколько она проработана и оптимизирована заставляют ее полюбить. И вот уже спустя целый год я по прежнему на ней играю и каждый раз мне не приходится скучать.

К чему вся эта предыстория? Сутки назад выпустили ночную версию gm_fork! Также в ней добавили железнодорожные пути в горе, которые раньше были разбиты. Но, к сожалению, теперь эта карта требует наличие EP2.





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“Listen pal, I have another job for you! You remember that mine people have been talking about since the great depression? Well after months of writing overly profession letters, their allowing us into Humphreys old property. Can you believe it took this long? That old man is so protective of that property, threatens lawyers whenever someone posts a video on YouTube. Meaning we’re going to be the first people allowed on the property since his son disappeared. Rarity equals views my friend, and this place is no shortage of sightings. Remember don’t just send me videos of those abandoned cabins, I want that mine! Just be careful, no one has been down it in thirty-two years. So keep a friend close by or at the very least close enough to call search in rescue if you fall down a shaft. This should be a no brainer, but remember to bring light sources and cameras. If you don’t have a flashlight, you could be stranded down there, I’ll call someone to rescue you if I don’t hear from you tomorrow evening. Stay safe and for the love of the internet, don’t fake footage unless it’s impossible to be debunk it!” – Jeff

This is my project for Halloween, originally planned to be released Halloween of last year. I ended up getting stranded with life stuff, and decided to finally finish it. In case you don’t know gm_sirenmine was meant to be an Easter egg for rp_falloutshelter_v3. Where you could bust down a wall and find the mine, but it was too large for the game to handle. So instead I made it a standalone map, it was so successful that I dropped development of rp_falloutshelter_v3 in favor of this one. BUT I ended up finishing rp_falloutshelter_v3 instead, how ironic? Anyway this version is improved in many ways, most of the map is 3d models, increasing performance while enabling higher detail. I’ve done everything imaginable to this map, cube maps, ai nodes, and a skybox. That’s a lot of content, but for some reason the GAME decides to crash whenever I try to bake nav mesh.

This isn’t directly a horror map, though for you cowards out there you can disable the only jump scare, there is an admin room behind the cabin. This map is more an exploration, adventure, or artwork map. But there is a lot too it, paranormal events happen randomly, such as ghosts appearing. While there aren’t many, I have plans this Halloween to deck the map out with ghosts and creepy sounds that aren’t that scary. But I’m sure the map is maze like enough, not to mention two Easter eggs that’ll either take luck or someone with knowledge besides the norm. Heck people still haven’t found deciphered one of the few Easter Eggs in rp_falloutshelter_v3.

Q. Is there jumpscares?
A. One and you can disable it inside the admin room located behind the intact cabin.

Q. Can I have a hint to the Easter Egg?
A. No, it’s meant to see if anyone can figure either one out.

Q. Mind if I reupload this?
A. No not without written permission from me, I might upload the models and prefabs but that’s it.

Q. Can I make a video about this?
A. Yes

Q. Is the easter egg hl3 or hl2 ep3?
A. No

A. They probably use nav mesh, but the nav_generate crashes the map. I might make a hand made one before Halloween.

Q. I keep getting lost, what should I do?
A. Just wander eventually you’ll make it out, it’s a maze but you can easily learn your way around it.

Q. Does this require css or any content?
A. NO, it does not use any content other then what I’ve created or I packed in with the file.

Remember if you like stuff like this, you can always join my group!

Additional models and textures from hl src and l4d2 which are property of law, no copyright infringement intended.


Карта адская шахта для гаррис мод

A Mass Effect themed space ship map.

If you want to use this in SFM, yes the map has HDR enabled.

Here is Shepard’s cabin from Mass Effect. Comes in hdr and regular version.
Turn lights on and off with the lamp beside the bed.

Made by Evil Ash. All credit to him.

A series of fully animated and solvable rubiks puzzle entities for GMod. I may add more later.

The original map is created by Zoi.Kun
This is map in in the categorie «Roleplay» and this name is rp_redemption_coruscant

Finally, my first workshop addon!

You will need Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2

It’s like my first born son, only better. Well here it is, Nar Shaddaa. This is a roleplaying map designed for the Star Wars RP over at Specter initiative. If you’r.

A Geth playermodel! Supports Playercolor as well as viewmodel arms.
Reupload as previous was mass reported and taken down.

Original Port Job: S-Low

Changes from orignial port:
Fixed many problems with textures
VMTs completely reworked

Legion from Mass Effect

Has Viewmodel arms and HQ textures

You may NOT sell/profit from this content on your sever! It is neither mine, nor yours to sell. The model and textures belong to EA

This addon features over 300 props ported fr.

This is my first Workshop upload, so I hope that everything is working ^_^

This is an upload of NatalyaAF’s Zombie survival map- based on Aliens [css.gamebanana.com]
It features Authentic custom sound effects for all the doo.

This is a map that i (SilverKnight) made for a Scifi MMO project on a heavily modified underdone script called Airena, back in 2011. I am just releasing this map as a standalone so others can enjoy my previous work.

dm_tobor is a large sized map made for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.

When the Combine aren’t using teleports to get across from dimension to dime.

I could not find this map on the workshop, so I uploaded it from garrysmod.org.

**Require Half Life Episodes and maybe CSS**. Thanks to the users in comments for bringing this to my attention.

The Plains on Geonosis where the Battle of Geonosis took place in the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

gm_granite by PolarTechie (i’m just uploader)

A faithful recreation I made from the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

A map designed around the star wars location Mos Mesric. Orginally designed for Star wars: Sagas. This map was made by Ardowa Lalin.

This map features a Tatooine city, just the city. An R2 unit wanders around the map, there’s a housing section, Cantina.

This is a modification of the gm_coolsnow map in order to adapt it for Star Wars Roleplay. It has the same layout of the original map, but a simplified venator has been added above the map.

Credit to the original map maker.

—[This map is not made by me]—
Upload and edit commisioned by Ironthunder

The jungle on Kashyyyk from Star Wars. Featuring a Wookiee village taken over by the Empire.

A generic city on Naboo from Star Wars. It’s not supposed to be any specific location from the movies, just the same theme and style.

map file name: rp_stardestroyer_v2_5

The Dune Sea from Star Wars.

Map made by:
Olof Moleman AKA Lord Trilobite

Custom textures by Lord Trilobite

Other custom textures.

Star Wars : Jedi Temple (from BF2)
Thanks to Aurora Mpping Studio for porting to Source.
I only fixed some bugs / ported to gmod.

Name : rp_jeditemple.

You can edit this and use the assets on your maps if you follow some basic terms.

You can not lock the map away from others, the map must be public on the workshop and not i.

It’s just the scene where General Hux says «THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF THE REPUBLIC!

It’s an interesting map and it’s a new years present 😉

So, a few c*nts flagged and false reported my addons.
They targeted the most popular ones and had them removed.

This is the backup


function FuckJCA()
for k,v in pairs(ents.GetAll()) do
if v:GetName()==»spa.

Newer and completely redesigned: here.

A zombie survival map created from scratch based off one of my old «classics».

its older than the steam workshop.


My attempt to bring Mass Effect stuff to Garry’s Mod. Not perfect but still. 😛
Designed for PvP and PvE in Sandbox. It still should work in any other gamemodes.

I port from Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 : Outcast for lightsaber duel special round in my TTT server
feel free to use it bro

Original Map by Raven Software [www.ravensoftware.com]
Recreating b.

— Traitor Tester
— Traitor Room
— 5 Traitor Trap
— Fog Controller (1 Credit)
— Secret Knife.

Since I already had made a huge Star Destroyer map with interior. I figured I’d convert it and make a Jakku graveyard map.

A map made to resemble a Corvette Class Warship from the Starship Troopers Universe.

Current Features:
— Fully Decorated Bridge
— Fully Decorated CIC/Planning Room
— Top Deck Causeway
— Engine Room and (Attempted) Movie-Accurate Engine Pods
— Forwa.

Now comes with an all new spaceship called the IRV Milane, a misfortune fell apun this ship; causing quite a stir.

Map Names: rp_irvderinian & rp_irvmilane


Roleplay map designed as a Medium Frigate under the System Alliance.
«The SR3 Normandy, a memorial vessel, Frigate Class, designed not only to commemorate those who served aboard the original ships, of the same name, but also d.

Murder map! (TTT weapons included (No TTT checker))

Map Size : Medium-Small
Spawns: 32

[[ Machinima tip: ‘mat_specular 0’ to remove reflections, if they are too disturbing ]]

More Mass Effect maps for your looking enjoyment. Oh, flavour text! 😀

«After a lengthy research on the human homeworld, the Armax Arena development staff are excited to show off the latest in combat sport arenas! Loosely based on the earth continent kn.

Made back around 2013-2014, I figured I should finally upload this here.

A Mass Effect themed roleplay map.

For those who would like to edit the map:

The editable vmf file can be dowlnoaded here.

Another few weeks, yet another Mass Effect themed map.

Having gone by many names over it’s life, the MSV Geisha, as she’s currently known, was originally a hegemony made ship, although the years have made this difficult t.


Easily the most time intensive map I’ve made so far, and for now, the last Mass Effect themed map I’ll be uploading to the workshop (It’s b.


Another masseffect themed map- set on a small island, this map was made in under two weeks as a test to see if I could improve my work.

After two years to the day of it sitting on my drive in a finished state, I present this posing/photo map to you.

NOTE: This map is part of a series of «[Event Maps]»

NOTE: This map is part of a series of «[Event Maps]»

This map was made for Millennia Gaming’s HaloRP, but anyone may use it.

Map style and layout was made and planned to suit a gameplay style of UNSC vs Covenant!

A build map representing planet Namek from the anime, Dragon Ball Z. This map is about 80% custom textures so I don’t want to hear bitching.

The skybox features 3 suns, the water is green, the grass is blue and there are plenty of destructible trees.

Geth Trooper from Mass Effect 2 as a colourable player model for Garry’s Mod.

Now with view model hands!
And with new, original textures from Mass Effect 2.

The model comes with two bodygroups, with lens flare effect enabled (default).

— Spaceballs one
-Planet Spaceballs
-Guss galaxy

All credit for this work should go to cires992.

This pack includes a few dozen props, many with bodygroups, all of which are from the Mass Effect series of video games. These props have an emphasis on civilian applications. There are no ragdolls or weap.


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